For all nghtwear, please now visit Sleeping Bags and Cards are still available
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For all nghtwear, please now visit Sleeping Bags and Cards are still available
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Our tug boat baby sleeping bag is a big hit with the boys and encourages a good night’s sleep. With a two way YKK zip opening for easy nappy change. The unique quilted design is made from 100% cotton and is brilliantly washable. This sleeping bag now comes in three different weights 0.5 tog for holidays and heatwaves 1.0 tog for all year round and 2.2 tog for winter

*Not suitable for babies under 3m/7kg. Please click on our ‘Sleep Safe’ notice below.


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1. Check that the size of the sleeping bag is suitable for your baby. Our size/weight recommendations are only a guide as all babies are different shapes and sizes so you must use your own judgement and check that your baby’s head could not easily slip inside. Babies lose excess heat from their heads so it is important to ensure that their heads are never covered whilst sleeping.

2. Check that the tog rating/weight of sleeping bag is suitable for the room temperature. For warmer summer nights (temperatures 20 C /69 F and above) we suggest a 1.0 tog sleeping bag and for colder/winter nights (temperatures of 20 C /69 F and below) we suggest a 2.2tog sleeping bag.

3. Always try to keep the temperature of the room, where your baby sleeps, at around 18 C/65 F, to prevent your baby from overheating.

4. Only use a long or short sleeved babygrow beneath your sleeping bag. If the room temperature is above 21 C/70 F consider a short sleeve babygrow.

5. Never use a duvet, quilt or blanket on top of the sleeping bag as your baby may overheat.

6. Position your baby on their back to sleep with their feet to the foot of the cot so that it is harder for them to wriggle down inside the sleeping bag.

7. Check that your baby is not overheating by placing your fingers on their chest (hands and feet can often feel cold).

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3-18 months, 18 months – 3 years


0.5 tog, 1.0 tog, 2.2 tog

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